If you’re lonely. Think of nature. Think of a tree standing in an empty field. Think of this magnificent tree still blossoming despite the emptiness that surrounds it. Think of a flower growing from a stone. Alone and still beautiful.

Don’t remove yourself from loneliness. You can learn a lot about yourself through loneliness. Have the courage to face your lonely heart and learn about it. Learn about what hurts and what makes it tremble with excitement or joy. Face your fears and demons and let them tell you about who you really are. And always listen carefully. There is always a precious lesson that life offers you through loneliness or pain. Be grateful for everything.

The most incredible writers in the world have lived a very lonely life. A writer prefers loneliness and silence. I feel freedom with being alone. There is space for my thoughts and my plans run more smoothly if I am alone. And despite all that I don’t want to live my life being lonely. I want love. I want fulfillment and happiness and truth. And what could be more truthful than love. Love is the most honest act a human being can perform. Love is a protective fence for your soul. Love doesn’t let mud come inside you. It keeps you clean and beautiful. If you want to be truly beautiful just love everyone around you. Fight the urge to let hate and judgement in. This is the battle of our lives: to love despite everything.


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