Life is always teaching you something if you really pay attention. I believe there’s a lesson to be learned every day. Just open your eyes. You can learn from the trees how to withstand anything and never forget about your roots. You can learn from the beggar about being more grateful for what you have. You can learn from the old man about history and the value of time. There is so much to see and write about. As I embark on this incredible journey of living, taking risks and moving to a new country, I learn more and more about the diversity and fullness of life and time and space and people. I often feel so small and insignificant in this incredible world and I get overwhelmed by it all but as I settle in a new place and really look around everything seems to come down in size and I start to look at the world with different eyes. People and places become more familiar and I realize the human spirit grows and evolves if you take it through risk, failures and experiences. The lessons learned are more precious than the pain and discomfort you felt when going through the unfamiliar. So learn, grow, take risks and never forget about where you came from.


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