Why do I feel strangely optimistic after all the bad things that happened in my life? Why do I still hope for a better future when I had such a disappointing past? I think it’s because of my faith.  I owe everything to my incredible faith and belief in a better tomorrow. I’ve always looked on the bright side of things no matter how dark the situation was. I know that this ability is the most precious gift I received from God.

I am looking forward to a better future and I’m leaving my old life behind. I’ve concluded that life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it and it certainly did in the last couple of months. I want to continue writing everyday even if it is just about what I did that day. I want this to be my routine: running and writing every day.

Today I am meeting new people and taking it all in this new beautiful country. I am thankful for everything that has happened until now in my life because I know it has made me who I am today and I am stronger because of it.


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