Love. Love holds such power in the human spirit. Not receiving true love in your family is something that can damage your life forever. It will damage all your relationships and the way you behave with other people. Love has incredible force. Real love has the power to heal, build and strengthen the human heart. And the human heart is frail and vulnerable. It needs support and it needs love. We should take care of our hearts because it guides everything we do. If we didn’t receive love from our family we should have another source of love. We should love ourselves, we should give ourselves the love we didn’t receive. We should love others and in doing this we will experience more love in our hearts. The human heart begs for love. Don’t ignore your heart and take care of it. Never beg for love because the world is hard on people that do this. Just give it to yourself and others. It’s a lonely road but there is a light at the end of tunnel. You will just experience the healing power of love on other people and this will strengthen you too. Don’t give up on love and kindness…it’s what still keeps the world from falling apart.


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