Helping people can sometimes bring us problems. But it nourishes our soul. It cleans our hearts and makes us better human beings. If you move the focus from yourself to someone else you will get a new perspective on life. You will see that there is more to life than your own problems and interests. The world needs more helping hands and caring hearts. But it takes courage to really care because caring means opening your heart to that person’s life and vulnerability. It takes empathy and a deeper understanding of human psychology. I truly think that people with a good heart have more wisdom than anyone. This is because a good heart is a heart that feels what you feel, and tries to see things more clearly and deeply. It looks beyond the external and is interested in finding a solution.

All in all, the lesson that has stuck with me throughout my life’s experience is definitely the fact that there is nothing more valuable in this world than the kindness that comes out of a good and caring heart. No riches can compare to this kind of beauty…


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