Have you ever really made a definite decision about something? Most of the time, when i decided something, i didn’t put my whole heart into the decision. I always thought that making a definite decision would somehow damage something in my life. And part of this is true, because when you fully decide something you also have to give up something else. For example, i decided to move to another country. This meant leaving my friends, my security, my job and my family. This is the cost of decisions and of being a decisive person – you have to learn to let go of things.

I have been so indecisive about so many things in the past but right now i’m at a point in my life when i want to step into my true self, i want to fully commit to my decisions and take on the responsibility of their consequences. I think this is what integrity means and maturity. And I think this will help me discover what i’m really made of.

So if you want to really know yourself, just decide to do something with your whole heart. Put your whole heart in the things you want to do. Half-heartedness is a painful way to live your life; there’s no passion there and no excitement. I challenge you to fully engage in your life and discover who you really are. Take the leap and find out! You won’t regret it!




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