We all need something to believe in. Whether it is an idea, a philosophy or even divinity. Beliefs are crucial for the human soul…without any belief we lose our identity. We drift aimlessly through life without any compass or guidance. It can be easy to not have any beliefs, you can survive and live a happy life, but your life will be void of substance and purpose.

I can tell you that my faith has carried me through the darkest times of my life, it has brought me hope in times of despair and it has grounded me in times of joy. I haven’t always been a religious person and I don’t believe so much in religion as much as I believe in simple faith. For me faith involves hope, and it implies the fact that there is something greater than ourselves or anything in this world; it involves having the humility to acknowledge our human frailty, and the evanescence of our existence.

Having said all that, holding on to your faith is not something easy to do in the reality we’re living in. You can expect ridicule and mockery from even the closest of your friends. Even though I don’t force my faith and beliefs on anyone, I still upset many people for simply being a person of faith.

The same thing happens when one human being has the audacity to have strong beliefs, to not go with the crowd. This, I think, is the cost of living a life full of passion and integrity.

So…in spite of everything and everyone, have the courage to believe in something with your whole heart. Take on the challenge of living a life of meaning and depth, and whatever your beliefs might be, never stop believing because your life depends on it…


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