The pain that comes from family is far greater than any pain. You can’t help but have expectations from your family members; expectations of compassion, care and warmth. But when what you encounter is indifference, coldness and cruelty you carry these issues throughout your entire existence. Feelings like abandonment, neglect and fear of intimacy will creep into your life and make you feel like you have to beg for love. You never feel good enough for people to love you just for being you. And you behave in a way that repels any semblance of real affection. You put on a mask for the world in order to feel safe because you were told to never depend on anyone and strong people don’t show their weaknesses… But being vulnerable is the only way to bring love into your life. Don’t be insecure about your past and have the courage to tell your story, no matter how painful it might be. People respond to vulnerability. Why? Because deep down we all feel like we need help; we all feel like something might be wrong with us from time to time, and that we can’t handle everything that life throws at us. So be vulnerable and take on the journey of self-acceptance. Here are a few steps that might help:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings. Don’t dismiss what you feel even if it is resentment, jealousy or even envy.
  2. Understand that it takes time. These are painful, deep issues that don’t go away in minutes. It will take time and patience to get over them.
  3. Forgive. Even if it’s just an intention and you can’t do it right away.
  4. Move on. Have the maturity and strength to keep going in life, no matter the past.


I know that these past few days my posts were dark and depressing but I hope this one helped…


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