I have been living with conflict in my life for too long. This is, partly, the reason i want to move to Norway. The most painful part is that it comes from my mother. I am so full of shame because of it that very few people know about my situation. I am choosing now to write about it. 

     I know that this is a taboo subject, partly because mothers are considered to do no wrong and noone should ever question their good intentions…But it seems i can’t make the relationship work no matter what i do.

     So I’m working on my inner self and these emotional wounds because I don’t want them to surface in ways that could hurt other people. I think that is partly why i have stayed single for almost 8 years…I have a fear of intimacy…

     As much as i wanted to bring joy and positivity to my post i believe more in being authentic and talking about real issues. We all have some kind of pain in our lives and we deal with it in different ways…i write about it.

     I also believe in showing what is inside your heart, and today my heart is heavy…


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