For me, patience is the highest virtue a human being can have. Patience is the most beautiful way to show love; to have patience with a friend that is going through a difficult time, to have patience with an angry customer, to patiently wait for someone or to not jump into assumptions about people. This, I think, is love. It sounds so incredibly romantic and beautiful, yet it is so incredibly hard to do. And I think that is why I find it so beautiful,  because of the level of difficulty it entails.  In my ideal world everyone would be patient with each other and people would take their time with everything. I have always also equated wisdom with patience.

Unfortunately, I haven’t displayed this virtue so much in my life. In fact, I have always impatiently stated my opinions, made quick assumptions about people and rushed into projects and decisions without thinking them through. You can understand how this way of behaving has created a lot of friction and conflict in my life. As much as I love patient people, I’m not one of them. But as I am starting to mature, I am becoming more self-aware of my inadequacies and flaws and I’m not giving up on the project of mastering myself.

So, I have started this blog with the idea of writing daily, no matter what. This is a good way to practice patience, and I am hoping that this time I will keep going no matter the circumstances. Realizing that good things take time is a big part of the journey, in my opinion.


As for now, I will give you the raw, unpolished, completely messy version of myself. I have such a long way to go…

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