Yesterday I had to prepare for moving to my hometown. Moving my stuff by myself is not easy…but I’m used to doing everything without any help. I’m not a typically organized person so I just did it in a rushed, chaotic way.

I spent all my day alone…and I enjoyed it. I tend to avoid human interactions at times and i feel recharged after spending some time in solitude. Solitude has been my best friend for years. But even though I don’t like interacting with too many people, I love having one on one, deep conversations with anyone. I love getting to know people, their hopes and dreams, the experiences that marked them, and most of all I want to find out what makes their heart beat or what is their purpose in this great, big world. So I avoid small talk like the plague but I love connecting on a deeper level and I think solitude has helped me with that. If you go in silence and listen to your thoughts there are many things you can discover about life, about yourself, and when you get out of this aloneness you want something that is not shallow; you want meaningful human interaction.

But connecting with someone on a deeper level takes a lot of vulnerability, honesty and humility. We are all part of the human race and to understand that you are not above anyone, no matter his or her situation, is what will give you the wisdom to understand life and people.

To conclude, i love solitude but I don’t want to spend all my life alone. Solitude can be a tool for creativity and learning,  but it has also made me understand how much we all need eachother and how much one simple, honest interaction with a friend really means.


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