As I am sitting here, in my studio apartment, with the noise of the washing machine in the background, I am struggling to find the right words for this blog post. Let’s start with just telling you about myself; I am a 31-year-old, single woman, recently unemployed, and currently overwhelmed with the perspective of moving to a new country. Crazy, right?

I have decided to start this blog for myself and my sanity. Writing is a way of escape to me and I thought this could be a great medium to tell my story and share my thoughts with the world, with the hopes that it will be of some help for people.
So, I am moving to Norway on the 17th of July and I am a little scared, to say the least. I don’t know the language, I have no job perspective waiting for me there, and my sister (she lives there) said I have to find a place to stay and a job in two weeks…You can imagine my anxiety! This is a big decision, and I took it without much consideration of the future consequences that will impact my life…What made me to this brave or maybe stupid thing? In one word – frustration. I was frustrated with my dead-end job, my lack of social life and my financial situation ( I live in an Eastern European country).  So I decided to just go for it ! What’s the worst that could happen? Well, I thought of everything, trust me…and I am still sticking with my positive,  maybe unrealistic expectations.  Why? Because I am mad, totally crazy, and probably delusional.

To quote one of my favorite writers, Seth Godin,  “this might not work…”, but I’m doing it anyway, so here goes!



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