Start again

Why did I stop writing…It seems to be my favorite way of communicating. Why did I just leave it when it’s all I have that makes sense in my life right now?

I know why…because I’m scared. I am frightened of my writing. I am afraid I might get good at it and, maybe, I think I don’t deserve to be a writer…

But then again…

I pray for writing to flow out of my veins. I pray to start writing again and never stop. I pray for the strength to finish what I start. I pray for the strength and courage to act on my dreams.
 Will I ever be a writer?



I stopped writing. 

Loneliness and Love

If you’re lonely. Think of nature. Think of a tree standing in an empty field. Think of this magnificent tree still blossoming despite the emptiness that surrounds it. Think of a flower growing from a stone. Alone and still beautiful.

Don’t remove yourself from loneliness. You can learn a lot about yourself through loneliness. Have the courage to face your lonely heart and learn about it. Learn about what hurts and what makes it tremble with excitement or joy. Face your fears and demons and let them tell you about who you really are. And always listen carefully. There is always a precious lesson that life offers you through loneliness or pain. Be grateful for everything.

The most incredible writers in the world have lived a very lonely life. A writer prefers loneliness and silence. I feel freedom with being alone. There is space for my thoughts and my plans run more smoothly if I am alone. And despite all that I don’t want to live my life being lonely. I want love. I want fulfillment and happiness and truth. And what could be more truthful than love. Love is the most honest act a human being can perform. Love is a protective fence for your soul. Love doesn’t let mud come inside you. It keeps you clean and beautiful. If you want to be truly beautiful just love everyone around you. Fight the urge to let hate and judgement in. This is the battle of our lives: to love despite everything.

The Path

There is a world of possibilities waiting out there for you if you only believe in yourself more. Get up! Pick yourself up from the ground! You deserve to be happy! Start with self-acceptance. Accept what is happening right now. Ignore the critics and people that bring you down. Focus! I can’t stress this enough… YOU HAVE TO FOCUS! Fill your mind with positivity! Don’t let anything else come in! Guard it! Put a fence in your mind that will block anything negative. GRIND! GRIND! REPEAT! BE PATIENT! LOVE LIFE DESPITE EVERYTHING! GIVE YOUR BEST WHEREVER YOU ARE AND I PROMISE YOU…YOU WILL BE HAPPY


Todat I’ve put more effort into my appearence and I feel better because of it. I just want to have the energy and motivation to do it everyday. I know it would count more at work too. I am hoping for a happy, productive day.


 I started a job as a sales advisor and i’ve been moved to customer service after one week because I don’t have enough sales. I would definetly enjoy my job more in customer service. I am also gaining alot of weight because of stress…But i am hopeful and positive about my future.


As my new life progresses in northern England I am amazed how my confidence increases day by day. I am a naturally shy, private person but I think I am slowly coming out of my shell because of the magnitude of the decision I made by moving to a new country…My writing motivation has gone down though but I am hoping I will get back into more serious writing whether I’m motivated or not. I am grateful to anyone reading my posts at the moment!

Another day, another dollar (or pound)

It takes so much patience to save money. I am struggling with it at the moment. Saving money is hard if you’re on minimum wage. I hope I can just grit my teeth and get through 12 months of living here with just focusing on saving money. I feel like it’s time I invest in my future.